Are You In?

The Writer’s Digest is hosting its annual Poem a Day (PAD) Chapbook Challenge. Day Five’s prompt is “ruin.” What came out was a bit of a spoken word piece about ruin through lens of the prophet Isaiah, I think.

You may listen to me read the poem via the player below.

Where do I begin to address the wreck
And dreck of the damage and breaking,
The lies…Oh, the damned lies and the faking,
False propositions
Which validate ev’ry prediliction
And each little preference you want.

You do whatever you want
And cannot begin to understand what i want—
What is right and just
To be light and to love so much
That you must do what I love for
The love you’ve seen,
The love with which you been

Unless there’s a change,
Unless you reign in the rage
And the wicked sucker punches
By which you dis one another
All that you see will be ruin
It will all come down and soon!

What will it be?
When will you see
That the glory which I bring,
The new day dawn of beauty
Is so much better than what the
Mob or Elite or Rich or
The Entitled Establishment
Who live to get their share now
Whatever the costs
In shouts and the din
Of riot and anger, rebellion and sin.

For I will rise.
And in you, my light will shine
And bless the wreak and death
Of the tomb of this ruin.

Do you want to see the day
When every tear is counted,
And each as it falls is wiped away
By Love and Light
When eternal day dispels the night?
Do you want a way through
Into the True of Right and Life?

The first step is down
You must kneel to be crowned.
Only those who are sinners
Become saints.
The only question yet,
Is whether you will come
Whether you will step down and in
So, what about it?

© Randall Edwards 2020.

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