Medias Res

The prompt for day six’s PAD Chapbook Challenge is “medias res” which is a story that begins in the middle. Sometimes you’re inspired. Sometimes just tired. And as the man says? Well, I don’t really know. I’m just waiting for it to be over.

In medias res
Of this election for Pres,
When will this counting be over?

I lie in the bed
Overwhelmed with a dread
To get up I throw off the cover.

When I check the news:
Only pundits and their views
I lie back, pull the sheet, roll over.

It’s gone on all year,
So turn off the lights, Dear,
And wake me up when this is over.

3 thoughts on “Medias Res

  1. Censorship Just now…my answer to Randy denied by WordPress. Legal response?

    Two parts Rumor Five parts fear Oil of fact Drawing me near A nation in chos Mix well Then Humor RESCUE!


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