Giving Up On Myself

The Writer’s Digest is hosting its annual Poem a Day (PAD) Chapbook Challenge. Day Four’s prompt is “(blank) myself.” By that they prompt asks you to consider how one things about one’s self, what one does to one’s self, etc…. Here’s how I took it.

You may listen to me read the poem via the player below.

I talk to Myself: 
A committee of three
Comprised of I, Myself, and Me.
I moves the motion which I second Myself;
We leave the discussion to Me.
Hearing no objection,
We All call the question.
The vote? None against.
In favor? Three.

I talk to Myself:
My Committee of Three
We replay regret, the betrayal of trust;
Myself and I are so glad we have Me
Because “trusting” is just “tr..ting” without “us.”

And that’s how I came
To make every decision
To do all the stupid I’ve done.
Again and again I do the same
Expecting a different outcome.

My best thinking 
Is what got Me here:
Full of anger, regret, shame, and fear,
Till things got so bad
That I lost all I had,
Lost everyone whom I counted dear.

I fired The Committee,
Got new friends that hour
Where I found I was least qualified
To stay in the position
Of Commissar of addictions;
I Gave “Me” to a Higher Power.

Again, my best thinking
Is what drove Me here,
Not some fancy Cadillac.
I’ve come to listen, not tell but to hear
How giving up on Myself sets Me free from the past.

Thank you for your welcome, for your gracious greeting.
My name is Randy.
One day.
First meeting.

© Randall Edwards 2020.

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