Dream or Nightmare?

The Writer’s Digest is hosting its annual Poem a Day (PAD) Chapbook Challenge. Day Three’s prompt is “a dream or nightmare poem.” I wonder if election day was the inspiration for this prompt? At any rate, I took it as such.

You may listen to me read the poem via the player below.

Upon Election Day it would seem
Hangs all our nightmares or our dreams
Of hope and health and help and life
Or else death, stabbed in the back with a knife.

We’ll go to sleep to the play of the news
While pundits scour polls give us their views,
Their reasons with the probable plauses
Why it broke this way — what were the causes.

Restless we’ll dream while the TV drones on:
Politicians boast or sing their sad song,
Give their speeches of humble concession,
Or swear they’ll protest the fixed election.

One day you’ll wake, after this dreadful night;
The Sun shall rise in glory, heavy and light,
Bring the New Day, the Fullness of Dreams
To dispel the nightmare’s evil, wicked schemes.

© Randall Edwards 2020.

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