I Saw a Crocus

“A man really ought to say, ‘The Resurrection happened two thousand years ago’ in the same spirit in which he says, ‘I saw a crocus yesterday.’ Because we know what is coming behind the crocus.”
― C.S. Lewis, God in the Dock

I saw a crocus yesterday
The purple petals poking through winter
Craning her neck through the pine straw
As if to peek and bathe in the morning sun.

I saw a robin yesterday
His proud rusty heart and white eye
Flitting in flight then standing tall and spying
The dormant grass beaten down by snow.

The resurrection happened two thousand years ago
The Son of Man breaking into sunrise
Leaving behind the cold shroud of death forever–
A springing promise of the coming high summer

As inevitable as seeing a crocus yesterday.

(c)Randy Edwards

3 thoughts on “I Saw a Crocus

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