Such Largess is Spread

Sometimes the deceit that the large life is the only life worth having or living is adopted as the truth. It is its own form of self-righteousness — a self-justifying work. However, much of what is noble, treasured, and valuable is not the the large but the small. And it is even in the small things that we find the greatest blessing.

When I was young, I planned — even prayed
So that dreams of success would come true:
A life lived large, a hand well-played—
Traveled and homed, into fullness found through.
But the way is little walked often in dark
Caregiving Caminos paced through the night—
Dreams so much smaller, in contrast so stark
Lonely in lostness, a blessedness blight.
But the Large breaks big over my head,
Makes grand my small walk through this little ville.
Sun and moon, trees and sky, such largess is spread
And bursts open my world with its beauty to fill.
While walking this lent life, my Creator speaks to me
Of the little he became to set my heart free.

(c) Randy Edwards

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