Diamonds of Wonder

I found this little gem in a parking lot while walking to work. There’s beauty all around.

While walking to work in winter’s cold bite
To do the things that ever must be done
Futile it seemed to fight the good fight
I feared no blessing, no victory would be won.
And pounding the pavement’s parking lot path
As I duck the Dodge’s hurried and harried
My neck is bent to beat the wind’s wrath
When my eyes catch the thing that a ring had last carried.
And I heard it seemed, a word spoke to me
“Are you weary of wandering? — the burden and grind?
Will you not slow down, put together and see
The jewels I’ve placed in your pathway to find?”
You walkers, bewildered, and blind, look around
He’s dropped diamonds of wonder for you to be found.

(c) Randy Edwards

2 thoughts on “Diamonds of Wonder

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