Glory Gave Up

This the fourth is series of sonnet meditations on the season of Lent. In it I am considering the glory of God which St Paul says we fell short of in Romans 3.

Humanity’s glory shines greatest in the earth
In beauty like the flowers, in strength strong as stone;
They each build subduing, weaving for their worth
A net to capture blessing to make this world their home.
But brighter still and greater, God shines in glory above
Hidden in invisible substance behind indiffractable light—
Who rules with right justice, works wisdom in love
Accomplishes his purpose with irresistible might.
But marred is our humanity, our monument temples fall;
We slave to grab only to lose all that we’ve begotten;
We seek meaning in our buying, sell ourselves unto the thrall
Though wind is all we’re reaping sown souls to be forgotten.
But Glory gave up weal taking on humility
Bearing the woe and breaking to make us nobility.

(c)Randy Edwards

artwork: Christ washing the Apostles’ feet, from the Otto III Gospels. Beyerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich; late 10th / early 11th century

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