The Seven Trumpets: The First Four

Continuing in Revelation with the first of three sonnets on the Seven Trumpets.

First in a three part series
The Seven Trumpets: Revelation 8:2-13

Hurled earthward, the censer of prayer
Mingled with embers from the altar above
Traces its catapult arc into the World’s air
Over its ramparts with a furious love.
The trumpets blow–the walled kingdom to (a)waken
With heralding trials which lay open the heart
Exposing the fears and foundations shaking
And calling their resistance down from their ramparts.
The first trumpet peals setting creation to burn.
The second throws a mountain in(to) the sea.
Third, Wormwood’s bite makes waters to churn,
And the fourth darkens heaven’s panoply.
High above cries an eagle in flight
Woe to those who remain hardened at the coming of (the) night.

(c) Randy Edwards

artwork: La lumiere as lais; Apocalypse (the ‘Welles Apocalypse’)

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