The Seven Trumpets: The fifth and sixth

The Seven Trumpets 2: Revelation 9:1-10:3

Next blows the trumpet to open the dungeon
From its bottomless depths it calls forth
The consumers of people, Apollyon’s legion:
Locusts stinging with living death.
Now comes the Sixth, his trumpet to blow
To release the bound chaos at earth’s corners:
A mounted army, whose numbers only grow
As they sweep death across every border.
And still the world’s kingdom though ruined and torn
With each plague, (the) people pleasure in perishing,
Not heading the pain which wakens to warn–
To slumber in sin — to remain idol cherishing.
But the Angel stands over, crowned with rained glory
Sheltering the sojourners, calling out as a lion roaring.

(c) Randy Edwards

artwork: La lumiere as lais; Apocalypse (the ‘Welles Apocalypse’)

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