The Seven Seals

Continuing my commentary on Revelation, here is a poem based on the Seven Seals from Revelation 6-8

based on Revelation 6:1-8:1

Believing they took the victor’s laurel crown,
Those bent on conquering will not stop till conquered
And community bleeds its life upon the open ground,
As the sword-bearer thrusts till all peace is punctured.
Earth too, fights and fails us yielding only from its furrow
Hollow comforts for the rich and filling the poor with sorrow.
Hard on their heels rides the last in death’s pale finality
Consuming creation’s proffer with greedy insatiability.
But none of these players move without the Sovereign’s leave
Whose mighty arm of power rolls up the starlit ceiling
Who hands white robes and invites the slain to rest in covered ease
Beneath the altar of his love, in his abiding healing
The beloved, tearful, technicolored tribe
Stands awed in answered silence, the Lamb’s beloved bride.

(c) Randy Edwards
artwork: from the Moutier-Grandval Bible, France (Tours), c. 830 – c. 840

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