Behold, I Saw a Door

While preaching through Revelation, I have written a series of poems on passages which have struck me. Here is the first from Revelation chapters 4 and 5.

It begins and ends with an opening–
The closed door to the scroll’s secret inside.
A shackled sinner stumbles forward groping
Beyond all hope welcomed to the wide
Circle of creation praising as mercy plays
An emerald rainbow above the glassy sea.
The Elders throw their crowns before the dais,
And in symphony sing, “Worthy is He–
Lion of Judah, David’s Lord and heir.
The Lamb who was slain is victorious alone!”
And though no respite came at his prayer
The stone-door tomb could not keep him from home.
Bearing wounds and his living he beckons the more
The broken and bound to the ever-opened door.

(c) Randy Edwards

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