Yet I will….

Habakkuk 3 is Habakkuk’s response after being in the presence of the Lord. The genre of chapter 3 is unlike the previous two chapters. Both the language (the words employed) and the form (the way in which the words are put together) reflect the worshipful heart of Habakkuk.
If you have a reference Bible and look up the references in chapter 3, or if you are familiar with the psalms, one of the things you will note is that much of Habakkuk’s prayer contains phrases and expressions of the Scriptures. That is he lifted many of his phrases right out of other passages of the Bible.
Habakkuk’s use of the language of the scriptures reveals the value of memorizing Scripture or even hymns. Songs, I believe, provide a language for the heart to express itself. You see that Habakkuk knew the psalter and relied upon it’s language to express his faith. We would benefit from a ready language to express our heart, especially in times of trouble . We need to be steeped in thelanguage of other’s expressions of faith and devotion not merely because it is useful, but because without that language, our worship and devotional life will be impoverished. The gospel is not merely ‘good news’, but it is beautiful news. The gospel is not merely news for our generation, but has been news which has been good from generation to generation. In relying on the words of others, I think we will find strength and conviction in the truth of those words because in employing them, we stand with them in our faith–and they with us–as we rejoice the Lord who delivers and strengthens.

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