Lucy Pevense: A Shieldmaiden

I’ve been reading Planet Narnia by Michael Ward who in his book reveals the interpretive key of the Chronicles of Narnia.

Prince Caspian, by his reckoning reflects and draws its symbolic meaning from the martial qualities and influence of Mars. Caspian is full of martial imagery, but what I find most intriguing is that Lucy herself–the demure and gentle and kind and little–reflects the martial spirit by her obedience, faithfulness and stout-heartedness as she prods and cajoles the others to follow her. Prior to her “last stand”, she converses with Aslan and asks what would have happened had things played out differently. Aslan offers no consolation along those lines, but rather he requires of her obedience.

“But anyone can find out what will happen,” said Aslan. If you go back to the others now, and wake them up; and tell them you have seen me again; and that you must all get up at once and follow me—what will happen? There is only one way of finding out.”

“Do you mean that is what you want me to do?” gasped Lucy.

“Yes, little one.” said Aslan.

“Will the others see you too?” asked Lucy.

“Certainly not at first,” said Aslan. “Later on it depends.”

“But they won’t believe me!” said Lucy.

“It doesn’t matter,” said Aslan.

“O dear, oh dear,” said Lucy. “And I was so pleased at finding you again. And I thought you’d let me stay. And I thought you’d come roaring in and frightening all the enemies away—like last time. And now everything is going to be horrid.”

Lucy has always been a heroic figure. Through Ward’s exposition, I appreciate her (and Lewis) even more.

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