Pop Culture and Christianity

“The new generation of Christians is likely to be a different kind of audience. Raised on iPods and downloadable music, they find it difficult truly to commit to the idea of a separate Christian pop culture. They might watch Jon Stewart or Pulp Fiction and also listen to the Christian band Jars of Clay, assuming the next album is any good. They are much more critical consumers and excellent spotters of schlock. The creators of Christian pop culture may just adapt and ease up on the Jesus-per-minute count, and artistic quality might show some improvement. But in my experience, where young souls are at stake, Christian creators tend to balk. It’s always been a stretch to defend Christian pop culture as the path to eternal salvation. Now, they may have to face up to the fact that it’s more like an eternal oxymoron.”

1 thought on “Pop Culture and Christianity

  1. I took a high school student to see “The Passion” the day it came out. He wanted a Bible after the movie, the book is always better than the movie. I remember walking into the Christian book store a little dazed and numb, feeling the affects of the movie. As soon as we walked in I noticed a beautiful ornate cross. It made me sick, it made me mad and I just wanted to scream “This is not why Jesus died!” Every thing in the store seemed so trivial and materialistic. Well all most everything, The Bibles were not so trivial.Pranked 3:16 Uuuuhh,


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