Everything I’ve Learned…Almost

I’m starting a list of everything I’ve learned. Granted, there are things which I intuit, presuppose, and confess to knowing. However, there are those things which I’ve come to learn through experience which have in someway have become touchstones to which I’ve returned again and again. Here are a few:

  1. I don’t know much of anything.
  2. My wife told me this about my preaching, “Don’t sex up the gospel; you can’t make it gooder news.”
  3. Men and women are basically different.
  4. When suffering with a kidney stone and the nurse is late in coming to give you your morphine shot, be nice to her. People with kidney stones aren’t in any position to speak to their care providers in any tone of voice other than one of grateful respect.
  5. Never attempt to replace a disconnected sparkplug wire when the engine is running. The result is shocking.

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