"I’m gonna take you out to the barn…"

After reading my last post, someone actually asked if I had been smoking something, er, funny. Smoking something indeed! Mystery Men is a masterpiece. People mock what they do not understand.

Speaking of “mock,” this tobacco barn sheathed in blue and rusted steel is on Mock Road in Davidson Co.. Mock is a local family name, but it is apropos because right at this very spot is the end of a ridiculously deceptive false flat which when combined with the headwind usually coming out of the north on these late winter days, well it mocks you: “Weakling!” “Base miles? Ha!” — You get the picture. Our dear friend and cycling comrade, Der Jan loves this little rise. So much so that he has named it Blue Barn Hill. It will always be that in Rambler parlance.

Incidentally, while out today, Ramblers: Chum, Doc, and Red stopped by Havenstaat to see if there was anyone home. We took time for a photo-op, remembered our comrade, and observed a moment of silence, followed by snickering and giggling because we were so impressed with ourselves — we love to mock, don’t we? Der Jan, we love you and miss you. Your bike says she misses you, too. Maybe this weekend? On the other hand, if you start making excuses, we’re gonna take you out to the barn.

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