Year’s End

Great job, Ramblers!

As of 8:30pm on Dec 31 — provided you didn’t bank your miles so that you could poach the lead prior to midnight — here are the mileages for our peleton.

GC Rider, the Good Doctor, logged 8041 miles.
Chum peaked at 6 Gap, started doing landscaping, watched his wife have a baby, and cut the tips of fingers off — no really he’s been doing landscaping. Chum’s second full year back on the road had him logging 6450 miles — and most of that before October.
Der Jan played is faithful and steady logging 4813 miles taking the lead over
Big Red, who logged 4557 miles who had ideas of banking miles to catch Der Jan on the final day, but alas!
Tailights! has been jumpin; too many ramps and doesn’t give a rip about logging miles — he just likes to rip your legs off riding ’round Tanglewood; TL logged 3193 miles.
Best Young Rider’s Jersey goes to JohnEll with 187 miles. Welcome bro!

Time to make plans…

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