Ride of the Longshadows

Riding ’round Salem Lake was the only way to keep out of the wind and not get blown into traffic. Blustery cold.

HTRambler, Chum, has been cleared to ride on Friday-Saturday, and we’re talking about a ride around the Lake to welcome him back. Any takers? Jan, I still have the road pedals on the Mt Bike if you wanna come.

1 thought on “Ride of the Longshadows

  1. I’m missing my dried apple pies. I feel a trek North coming on. Salem Lake? They got roads there?<><>Doc is available for riding for the next 2 weeks. Make ‘yer appointments NOW. Anybody want to ride to Danbury Friday or Saturday?<><>BTW, gents, 2008 USCF licenses are for sale (good for Cross events too, Tookster). Come join the new High Point Bike Club: http://www.veloproject.com <><>I expect Chum to sign up pronto because he’s going to be racin’ next season……<><>Doc


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