Classic CX

NC Cross Boone
Got to hang out with my in-laws today. Papapilk is doing great recovering from his cycling accident. He’s up and walking which is amazing considering that two months ago a Ford Ranger rolled over him after he overcooked a turn descending Poplar Grove Rd from the Parkway. His shoulder still has a way to go, but the plan is to do Cycle North Carolina in October. Get those base miles in Papa!

Today was classic — classic course and weather — if only it’d snowed. At one point during the Cat 3-4 race the wind was howling 20-30 mph, and I was sure the tape was going to blow away.

Thomas-Built cyclist and wrench at Clemmons Bike Josh Tucker was riding today, after a two-week hiatus. Remember Josh, a bad day on the bike is better than any day off.

Pictured are the 1st and 2nd riders in the 3-4 race about halfway through.

(They’re riding through what’s left of a Seven Devils Golf Course sand trap; man, has this place gone downhill. Hawksnest is sad to see too; it’s been closed two years now; NC skiing is hurting).

Anyway, I believe they finished that way, too — Boone Bike and Mock Orange. Did I see a Crossniacs skinsuit under the Mock Orange jersey? I think the Wah-vangelist has been preachin’ the good news. BTW I heard, and later confirmed that Jared took second and the points lead. “Keep on keepin on., Jared!”

Cary on Sunday will decide the series. Looks to be great race.

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