Slow Twitch, Final Phase

It’s ALIVE!!!!!

Today it was time to tackle the shifting. I had cut the cable housings to the correct length last night and realized that I needed barrel adjusters for the housings to fit into on the down tube. A quick stop at Bicycle, Toy, and Hobby this morning and I was set to go.
I settled in this evening, placed the housings, ran the cables, and then put the bar tape on the aero bars. I connected the cables to the derailleurs without trouble and then went after the chain. I popped the wrong link out of the chain and came up short the first time. Darn! I did better with the second chain.
I worked out the front and rear shifting with the help of Zinn & The Art of Road Bike Maintenance. I’ve still got a little chain rattle against the derailleur in the small ring and largest cog in back, but the shifting works well. I’m not sure I’ll be able to position the front derailleur to alleviate the chain rub, but I might be able to enlist Mr. Steelhead’s help with final tuning.
Of course, even though it’s dark I just had to get on the road tonight. I took a little spin up and down my street and everything seemed to work as they should. My son came along on his mountain bike as my wing man just in case I went down in flames. I’m glad I didn’t need him.
Well, it’s been an educational experience. I will feel more confident tinkering with my bikes now that I’ve put this one together. See you folks on the road!
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