Contemnoterraism: Pullman doesn’t get Lewis, E Pluribus Unum

In the article I referenced earlier Pullman states,

Narnia has always seemed to me to be marked by a hatred of the physical world.”

Philip Pullman

Huh? A hatred of the physical world?

Now there’s got to be a name for it, and if you know what it is would you please tell me, please? There must be a word to describe “hatred for the world.” If there isn’t, I’m making one up. Here are my thoughts: mispagcosmoism, miscosmosism, misgenosism, contemnouniversitism, or contemnoterraism. I think I like the latter, contemnoterraism — contempt of the earth (i.e. hatred of the created world).

Now, was Lewis a contemnoterraist? I don’t think so. Lewis was no Gnostic. Lewis, loved this world so much that he wasn’t satisfied with it not being recreated. Always, his view of “this world” is that it is the Shadowlands. Heaven, for Lewis was always corporeal, always creation, and consequently more weighty, real, and substantial than this world.

Incidentall, when Jesus Christ said, friendship toward the world is hatred of God, he was not talking about the created order which Paul says is “in the groans of childbirth.” Rather, Jesus was speaking of the realm or kingdom in which Satan and sin rule. Dust isn’t the problem — it’s our inevitable end.

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