Fleche Lincolnton

Fleche means “arrow” or “dart” and refers to the type bicycling race that begins in one place and ends down the road in another such as the spring classic Fleche Wallonne. Incidentally, Juan Antionio Flecha (aka the Spanish Flanderian) rides for Rabobank and came in second for the fleche race, Paris-Roubaix in 2007. Yesterday, rather than Flanderian I was Flounderian, as fleched Lincolnton.

Tailights and Chum led me to the banks of the Yadkin yesterday on my way to Lincolnton. The six hour, 106 mile ride into a 10-15 mph headwind just about did me in. Thanks to Chum and Tailights 19 mph average, I was cooked a third of the way there. Needless to say the last stretch up Buffalo Shoals Rd through Catawba and Lincoln Co’s was merciless. I thought I was going to cry.

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