My Author

This sonnet is for All Saints Day and is a tribute to those poets who have become guides for me. Within the poem, I’ve linked to the sources of the references to which I quote or allude to the poet. Thank you, Lord for these guides.

If it’s helpful, you may listen to me read the sonnet via the player below.

Midway through the journey of my life,
Lost, having wandered from the straight way,
In a wood weary with sin and strife,
You found me, mio maestro e autore.
I follow you, midst your verse I stray
To browse in meter, rhythm, and rhyme;
Imagination bodies forth as day,
Leading me up the encircling climb.
Dissevered, the backward mutters unwind,
Dispelled with each volta’s paradox,
Timelessness resounding into time
As heaven in ordinary unlocks.
In your spell of song, I find habitation,
A concord midst your lines, reconciliation.

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