Not Significant

I really enjoy roundels, which is a poetic form that is concise and allows the writer to turn a phrase several ways.

In this roundel, I am working out my sadness and surprise at a review which a friend received on an e-commerce site from a book of poetry he’d written. “Not significant” as a review is just so…, wow. I was also greatly convicted about the times I’ve critiqued other’s creativity in ways that have shut them down rather than encourage and build them up. Here’s to repentance.

If it’s helpful, you may listen to me read the poem via the player below.

“Not significant”, two words typed clear and plain,
So austere and simple, not very clarificant
Is it odd that I can’t get it out of my brain?
Is one’s anything “Not significant”?

This critique, unengaged, is hardly edificant
Rather than help or try to explain
I imagine they stung, and were not, “not significant.”

But the spell you weave in your poetic quatrain
Is bread cast on waters, is gold, so mundificant!
For your words bless, make my crazy, sane
When the world says, you’re not significant.

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