Defying the Darkness, St Lucy’s Day

Here’s a poem for Saint Lucy’s Day. You can read more about her here. Though I do not believe we are to pray to saints, we still enjoy the fellowship of the cloud of witnesses even if they are separated from us by death. I was moved today by a video I saw of those Christians at Saint Mark’s Cathedral in Alexandria who (after a church on the compound was bombed this weekend killing mostly women and their children) stood together and chanted the Nicene Creed in defiance of those who would murder them because of their faith.

You may listen to me read the poem via the audio player below.

The cloudy sky o’erwhelms the failing sun
Who does not shine or dapple sleeping trees
But wintered away to southern courses run
On this Saint Lucy’s Day.
Dear Lucy, wreathed in beauty, bearing gifts
That we dared not hope for here in the dark
And seeing your courage, our spirits each lift
To name this, Saint Lucy’s Day.
We are lost again midway through our life
To dwell in our dark catacombs of fear
But you cry the Creed: “God of God; Light of Light”.
Defying darkness on this Saint Lucy’s Day.
Come to us; illumine in your splendored wreath of light
As we await in hope and love the end of winter’s night.

© Randall Edwards, 2016.

artwork: “St Lucy”, Francesco del Cossa (1436–1487)

2 thoughts on “Defying the Darkness, St Lucy’s Day

  1. Randy we are so blessed for your o dayspring and St. Lucy postings forwarded to us by Douglas. Thank you.
    Merry Christmas to you and your immediate family and Grace Presbyterian.
    Duane and Judy


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