The Good Shepherd

I think about leadership a good bit from day to day. I probably think about it a bit more in recent days. It helps me to be reminded of the kind of leaders we need and be encouraged by the kind we have.

This is a little poetic meditation on John 10:11 which reads, “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”

Not a robber stealing in stealth
Nor a hired paycheck player
Not a wolf preaching for wealth
Nor a people pleasing prayer
Not a smarmy smooth-talking seller
Of whatever contemporary fad
Nor some nouveau riche mansion dweller
Clothed in gold or fashion clad.
Across the breach lying down, giving all for his sheep
We rest confident in our keeping, peaceful in our sleep.

Artwork: Historiated initial M depicting the parable of the Good Shepherd, France, Artist: Charles Fournel

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