God’s Office

There is an anonymous saying that comes up in Twelve Step meetings that goes like this, “God’s office is at the end of your rope.” I like that a lot. Nothing like good, clear directions to find something.

Here’s a roundel based on that saying.

At the end of your rope — no where left to hide
Having lived your life like some imperious pope,
Having spent it all no more time left to bide
God’s office is at the end of your rope.

When your plans fail, and blindly forward you grope
Through the ruin of all the strategies you’ve tried,
Will you now punish others, in bitterness mope?

Let go of your will — your self-centered pride;
By faith, lay down, be taken up in hope.
Though it feels like death, it’s just your pride that’s died.
God’s office is at the end of your rope.

(c)Randy Edwards
artwork: From the 1894 A Book of Nonsense by Edward Lear. More public domain artwork can be found at zorger.com

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