“They showed their true character.”

Lots of discussion on the Richard Sherman rant at the end of the NFC Championship Game last Sunday which you can see here.

For some history, there is the Skip Bayless confrontation last March here

Here is this week’s ESPN First Take response to this weekend’s rant here.

In addition, there is commentary at Forbe’s here, and over at Mockingbird here.

And in case you think you know Richard Sherman, here’s another take from NFL Films here where he shares what kind of work got him where he is now…and he’s not merely talking about his own.

I find all this bizarre, fascinating, troubling, and cautionary. Richard Sherman becomes a very public example of the complexity of our human condition. I think what has to be acknowledged is that whether you find yourselves within “the lines of the game” or engaging in a “rage tweet” –it is precisely those moments of unfiltered and impulsive opportunity which do show our “true character”. And if we are at all honest, the problem of character is not the other’s but our own. In those moments of exposure, we hear the prophet Nathan’s words in 2Samuel 12, “You are the man!” Our problem is our self-justifying demand to be right, understood, excused, acknowledged, appreciated, successful, and respected. Our problem is that we believe: “You can be who you really want to be.”

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