Voyage of the Dawn Treaderness

In order to encourage the Christian community’s teachers, leaders, and pastors to engage and utilize the upcoming movie based on C.S. Lewis’ Voyage of he Dawn Treader, a group of Christian leaders has created There are a number of resources including study guides and sermon outlines.

I am dwarvish generally, and a snob regarding the superiority of books over movies (especially Lord of the Rings and the Narniad). As I have viewed the trailer, I think I will be disappointed again. Can you discern what changes were made to the story by watching the trailer?
What is especially disappointing is that the writers of the screenplay seem to have not taken any clues regarding the imaginative key of the Narniad as discovered by Michael Ward and explained in his most recent book, The Narnia Code. Speaking of which, the BBC documentary on Ward’s work also entitled, The Narnia Code, will be released in the U.S. in early January 2011. I’m thinking Christmas present?
And speaking of Christmas present this book is out now.
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