Imaginative Redemption

There’s been a good bit or hubbub in the news in response to Al Mohler’s blog post, “Yahoo, Yoga and Your’s Truly

Our local FOX news channel ran this piece last week, and the NBC affiliate WXII has this Associated Press piece posted on their website.

John Mark Reynolds at First Things, Evangel Blog has written both a winsome and clever rejoinder to Mohler. He writes,

“We must acknowledge that many good things come to mankind through the common image and grace of God in each human being. Christians of all stripes would never want to hide the truth that some great idea or good thing came from another faith. That is the false path of those Muslims who take Christian churches, turn them into mosques, and then bury the earlier Christian history as if it did not exist.

Better is the acknowledgment of what a thing was and then a joyful description of what it now is.

For example, in the United States of America the art of some city landscapes was often built on materialist or secular assumptions and ignored the needs of human beings. It needs imaginative redemption and artistic reconceptualization.

Such an appropriation of the best of the cityscape cannot be syncretistic, but must condemn the greed and the materialism that sent money makers soaring over cathedral domes. This can be done, however, without tearing down a single beautiful building or covering up their sordid histories. Just as the Narnia stories redeemed the image of Bacchus for generations of children, so better Christian story tellers can redeem the best of the skyscrapers in our cities.”

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