Lost Finale Thoughts

Here are a few thoughts about last nights finale of Lost. Thankfully, Jeeves and Wooster came from Netflix today and will be filling the void or the hatch or the cave or whatever. I’m being snarky. I get to be on Mondays. So, have at it.

  1. It’s a story about people not a piece of geography. Specifically, it’s a story about Jack. Got it?
  2. You want answers? Get over it. That’s life.
  3. I want some answers!
  4. The Lost fan notes? Creepy. I mean, really. Except for the quip about Arnzt. Remember the Star Trek skit from SNL? Yep. “Get a life.”
  5. They didn’t lie, the island is not Purgatory. And yes they did survive the plane crash, etc… The island is real not mystical. Well, as real as a fictional story could be.
  6. All that history? Who was that? Where’d they come from? What happened to them? Tough. There’s no one alive who remembers. It’ll be the same for you someday. See Ecclesiastes.
  7. Sideways Lost was not “unreal”, people — that’s the point.
  8. Those who didn’t move forward did not because they weren’t ready. It wasn’t because they were being excluded. In fact some stayed because they know they needed to.
  9. “Live together or die alone.”
  10. “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” There is no redemption without death, and everyone dies.
  11. “Remember. Let Go. Move on.” Brilliant.

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