The Chaste Beams of the Watery Moon

If you hadn’t noticed, the Moon is full today.

Oberon, in a Midsummer’s Night Dream says the Moon is ‘watery’. Indeed, from our vantage point, it looks to be covered in lakes. Even the ancients noticed the effect the Moon had on the tides. Luna was even imagined to ride in a canoe as she phased.

Shakespeare in a Midsummer Night’s Dream employs the literary imagery and symbolism which Luna provides. In fact, Midsummer Night’s Dream had to take place under the Moon who influences the actions of both the real and fairy worlds: making men wander and enchanting them.

Here’s C.S. Lewis on the Moon or Luna.

“Lady LUNA, in light canoe,
By friths and shallows of fretted cloudland
Cruises monthly; with chrism of dews
And drench of dream, a drizzling glamour,
Enchants us–the cheat! changing sometime
A mind to madness, melancholy pale,
Bleached with gazing on her blank count’nance
Orb’d and ageless. In earth’s bosom
The shower of her rays, sharp-feathered light
Reaching downward, ripens silver,
Forming and fashioning female brightness,
–Metal maidenlike. Her moist circle
Is nearest earth”

from “The Planets” by C.S. Lewis

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