How can right belief be maintained…?

Michael Ward on C.S. Lewis’ The Silver Chair:

“How can right belief be maintained in a hostile environment? It is not through superior insight that the heroes win the day, but through corage, through sacrifice. Philosophizing and rhetoric cannot settle this dispute because the Witch’s logic is impeccable — only action is sufficient to counter it.”

 These words remind me of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s resolve days before his execution for conspiracy against the Third Reich. He wrote these words in Stations on the Road to Freedom,

“Daring to do what is right, not what fancy may tell you,
valiantly grasping occasions, not cravenly doubting—
freedom comes only through deeds, not through
thoughts taking wing.

Faint not nor fear, but go out to the storm and the action,
trusting in God whose commandment you faithfully follow;
freedom, exultant, will welcome your joy.”

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