Jove: Get your jocund revel on

This week two of Jupiter’s moons, Europa and Io cross between it and the sun casting their shadows in a double eclipse which you can read about over at

Jupiter is king of the planets, Jove, and it is joviality which is the primary theme of the first of Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and Wardrobe.

This last snow has me hoping that this is the break or “turning of the tide” in this seemingly cosmic winter. Watching the snow melt and the birds at the bird feeder has me hoping that spring and cosmic summer are on their way in much the same way that Narnia is delivered from the clutches of winter and delivered into spring.

In homage spring or in defiance of the the winter that keeps on giving, here are Lewis’ words from his alliterative poem “The Planets” on the virtues of Jove’s orbit. The alliteration makes this a poem to be read allowed, so have it.

“…Soft breathes the air
Mild, and meadowy, as we mount further
Where rippled radiance rolls about us
Moved with music–measureless the waves’
Joy and jubilee. It’s JOVE’s orbit,
Filled and festal, faster turning
With arc ampler. From the Isles of Tin
Tyrian traders, in trouble steering
Came with his cargoes; the Cornish treasure
That his ray ripens. Of wrath ended
And woes mended, of winter passed
And guilt forgiven, and good fortune
Jove is master; and of jocund revel,
Laughter of ladies. The lion-hearted,
The myriad-minded, men like the gods,
Helps and heroes, helms of nations
Just and gentle, are Jove’s children,
Work his wonders. On his wide forehead
Calm and kingly, no care darkens
Nor wrath wrinkles: but righteous power
And leisure and largess their loose splendours
Have wrapped around him–a rich mantle
Of ease and empire.”

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