Malachandra Descending

In the adult fantasy, That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis, one of our favorites, the planetary archons descend upon St Anne’s, the headquarters of a group resisting the growing influence of the N.I.C.E.. As Mars (Malachandra) descends, he has this effect upon those residing there.
“I’m not like you…I’m not brave. But I was just thinking as you spoke that I don’t feel afraid of being killed and hurt as I used to do. Not tonight.”
“We may be, I suppose,” said Jane.
“As long as we’re all together,” said Mother Dimble. “It might be…no, I don’t mean anything heroic…it might be a nice way to die.”
And suddenly their faces and voices were changed. They were laughing again, but it was a different kind of laughter. Their love for one another became intense. Each, looking on all the rest, thought, “I’m lucky to be here. I could die with these.”
…Something tonic and lusty and cheerily cold, like a sea breeze, was coming over them. There was no fear anywhere: the blood inside them flowed as if the ordered rhythm of the universe, side by side with punctual seasons and patterned atoms and the obeying Seraphim. Under the immense weight of their obedience their wills stood up straight and untiring like caryatids. Eased of all fickleness and all protestings they stood: gay, light, nimble, and alert. They had outlived all anxieties; care was a word without meaning. To live meant to share in this processional pomp.”
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