The Mercurial Spirit: Clerks in Heaven?

(via The Big Picture)

“It is difficult to see the unity of all [Mercury’s] characteristics. ‘Skilled eagerness’ or ‘bright alacrity’ is the best I can do. But it is better just to take some real mercury in a saucer and play with it for a few minutes. That is what ‘Mercurial’ means.”
C.S. Lewis, The Discarded Image

“It is a nice irony that Mercury, the god of clerks should elude Lewis’s clerkly attempts to communicate it’s natue.” Michael Ward, Planet Narnia.

I’ve been captivate by Michael Ward’s take on the imaginative theme behind much of C.S. Lewis’s work. In particular these thoughts (and much more in Ward’s book), about Mercury, the god of clerks. When I came across The Big Picture‘s pictography on Mercury, well, I couldn’t resist.

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