Working through my Google reader feeds this morning were two articles together: “Slate wants to see your photographs of the economic crisis” and “What’s the greenest form of birth control?” One could go so many ways with this. Perhaps looking at pictures of economic crisis would be the greenest form of birth control? Perhaps greed and lust go side by side? I don’t know. Did anyone else catch that?

1 thought on “Juxtaposition

  1. A single photo of Salem Village.From the economical side, the fact that parts of the village are (or have been) sold off for money to run the rest of the museum for a couple more years),and from the birth control side where men and women seldom mixed (brother’s hall and sister’s hall).My mind is not yet fully up to speed, but isn’t that why the shakers literally died off? They recruited new members (for a while).Skippy


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