Chum’s Bum

When Red rides with Chum. The view is always the same. Nonetheless, Red’s happy for the pull up and back to Danbury.

BTW, it was an awesome day for a ride. Cool northerly breeze, dry air. Wow, and it’s August.

Chum and Red, as I said went to Danbury through Pine Hall and up 772 after a failed experiment on West Road. FYI, too many dogs on West Rd.

It was a lovely ride up north. After a nice sit in the rocking chair at the General Store, Chum and Red headed back via the same route. Red even got a picture of the Morotock Iron Furnace. Granted this is a site of interest for a very small and particular group of history enthusiasts.

Red and Chum enjoyed the rippin’ tailwind back. They even increased their average speed climbing back up Piney Grove.


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