First Challenge Prep

This was pretty much the view all day on Saturday. Chum accompanied (aka pulled the whole way) me to Hanging Rock and Sauratown Mt on Saturday. It was a beautiful day for 86 miles and some change.

While climbing Hanging Rock, a couple of clubbies blew past me. I think I heard one comment about “…all that weight.” I don’t think he was talking about my bike. I’m fat, guys — not deaf. Any rate, that’s why I’m climbing these mountains, aren’t I. You can’t go downhill forever.

Speaking of climbing mountains, Red’s headed to Chattanooga with Boone velo-friend, Dr. H to do the 3 State 3 Mountain Challenge. The 17%ish grade coming at the top of Lookout Mountain looks to be fun.

If you get a chance, pray for Big Red on Saturday at about 2pm. Come to think about it, start praying now and don’t stop till Saturday evening.

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