Living in Ashkelon

I don’t know what to think about all this? That’s a lie. I do know, and I no likey. I hope that’s not racist.

I’ve been preaching out of Judges lately, and this is the kinda stuff that makes me think our desire to be relevant merely confirms the suspicion that Christians are a bunch of wackos! So ironic is the willingness of Israel to be subjugated by Philistia (Israel was quite happy to be dominated) and contemporary, evangelical Christianity’s need to “be relevant.”

This sooooo misses Judges. Samson wasn’t a super-hero — he was a wreck! I don’t think Samson’s imprisonment was a good hair day — or an any hair day for that matter. Let alone, do I believe he looked either so Caucasian nor so, er, clean.

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2 thoughts on “Living in Ashkelon

  1. Just as I thought – the steroids have always stayed way ahead of the testing for the presence of them – say some 2,000 years from the looks of that picture.And when God took away Sampson’s strength, was it physically visible? Did God “unpump” him up?


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