How do you spell relief?

Relief for one of us was to finally get back out on the bike after six days in the pain cave.

Here are some Ramblers heading south on Teague. Chum and Der Jan are jumping off the front — those silly sausages.

The Good Doctor is patiently riding base miles — no jerking him out of Zone 2.

Big Red (unlike lil’ red picutred here) is taking the photos — off the back.

Went out again today — slow, base. Snaked my way South and took lots of different combinations of roads; turned back on Bethesda Church Road — I think. I couldn’t take it by the time I turned up Lexington. I needed a “natural break.” Not to be too philosophical, but in the winter, there are no leaves. (Maybe you’ve noticed). At any rate, no leaves means: no place to hide. However, the Lord provides in unexpected ways….

How do you spell relief? p-o-r-t-a-p-o-t-t-y.

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