Suffering in January means strength in May.

Chum and Der Jan had legs today. Big Red, on the other hand, had no watts. We headed South over to Horneytown Rd.; crossed over to High Point; took Lexington Road back to Mock; turned North and looped back home via Pine Meadow.

Now Chum and Jan were cheeky. Jan took the county line on Curry; Chum took the county line heading into High Point — Big Red wasn’t even close to contest them. However, he is wiley.

Pictured here is Jan and Chum on Watkins Ford. In the sky behind them is the last of the sun we’re supposed to see until Sunday. The cloudbank coming towards us was pretty impressive and is supposed to bring some white stuff later. We’ll see.

Incidentally, Chum and Jan took off contesting the city limit sign. Big Red dug deep into the suitcase of courage and (catching Chum marking Jan) was able to poach the line from Chum. We’ve got a new name for that kind of sprint: The Dementor’s Sprint. Why do you say? Because you pass so quickly, so strongly that it sucks the life out of the other sprinters and they don’t even try. To hear the surprise and the heartbreak is, well, scrumpious. Is that sick?

Chum was headed to the coffee shop to get a hot chocolate which as every Harry Potter fan knows is the only way to combat the discouraging effects of the Dementor’s Sprint. Chum did take the last sign, though, and mercilessly, too. I think he was angry.

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