The Slow Twitch Project – Phase 2

The Park Tools PCS-1 repair stand came today and I put it to use this evening.

The first step was putting the handlebars and aero bars on the bike. Since the stem clamp was 31.8 mm and the base bar was 26 mm I had to use shims to make things fit. That went well and I had little difficulty attaching the Ritchey aero bars.

Next up was the brakes. The washers were a little mixed up and it took some trial and error to get things to fit right. After the brakes, the rear derailleur went on without a problem.

Things were going quickly so I decided to tackle the bottom bracket and crankset. The bottom bracket screwed in easily and the crankset went on without a hitch.

I attached the front derailleur to the braze on next. I then added the seatpost, saddle, and wheels to make it look like a bike. Things were coming along well.
The next installment will be placing and adjusting the cables.

The Good Doctor

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