Ace Report Part Deux: From the Podium

The Ace ‘C’ Race had a pretty decent sized field for the final race. I’m guessing there were 20, or so, riders in the field. I pointed out DPike and JMartin to Chum, Tailights, and Red before the race so that they could help cover any moves by either of them. Der Jan kept hammering home to me that I was to stay out of the wind until the end of the race.

At the start, I pulled in behind Tailightsand parked it there for several laps. Red and Chum were hanging well with the group until Red blew his rear tire on turn 4 and exited the field without incident (nice piece of riding). Tailights covered any moves by Mr. Pike and I stayed comfortably tucked behind him most of the race. There was the occasional time when someone squeezed inbetween us, but it didn’t stay that way for long. With about 5 laps to go Tailights let a small gap occur and I moved across to catch Mr. Pike’s wheel in case TL was fading. TL caught back on and the next thing I knew we were down to 3 laps to go. As we came around with 2 laps to go I asked Tailights if he was ready to pull me and he motioned for me to go on. Chum was, of course, ahead of me in the top 5. With one to go the pace was pretty torrid. As I came around Turn 2 I was still 4th or 5th wheel. JMartin was 3rd or 4th wheel and he jumped on the pedals as soon as he came out of Turn 2. I jumped with him and we both gave it all we had down the backstretch. Martin took Turn three just inside of some guy that had me yelling “inside, inside” as he went by. I came under the guy as well and then jumped on the pedals coming out of Turn 4. Martin took 1st. An unknown rider came in 2nd. I came in 3rd and Pike took 4th. I think Chum faded on the backstretch of the last lap, his job well done.

That’s how I remember the blur that was last night’s race.
Submitted by the Good Doctor

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