Citizen Hackers Tinker with Type 1

This sort of functionality and option should be available right now. No excuses.

Then Mr. Adams found NightScout, a system cobbled together by a constellation of software engineers, many with diabetic children, who were frustrated by the limitations of current technology. The open-source system they developed essentially hacks the Dexcom device and uploads its data to the Internet, which lets Mr. Adams see Ella’s blood-sugar levels on his Pebble smartwatch wherever she is. It isn’t perfect. It drains cellphone batteries, can cut out at times and hasn’t been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. But for many, it has filled a gap.

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More on a cure for #Type1 Diabetes, #T1D

One of the most important milestones in medical history may await University of Missouri School of Medicine researchers, who this month received three U.S. patents for methods that cured type 1 diabetes in mice via a major discovery.

“We discovered that type 1 diabetes destroys not only insulin-producing cells, but also the blood vessels that support them,” said microbiology and immunology professor Habib Zaghouani, Ph.D.

The disease’s two-pronged attack – on the insulin-producing cells and the tiny, micro-scale blood vessels that supply them – was a surprise with significant consequences. “When we realized how important the blood vessels were to insulin production, we developed a cure,” Zaghouani said.