NOGENT EN BASSIGNY (Hte-Marne) La Place- Hotel et Cafe du Commerce. Last postcard brought back from #overthere after #worldwar1 by my Uncle Harry. Google street view of the same location is below. #armisticeday #veteransday (at Nogent-En-Bassigny, Champagne-Ardenne, France)

Another of my Uncle Harry’s postcards which he brought back from #overthere after #worldwar1. This is of MONTIGNY-le-ROI where he was encamped and La Fountaine du Puits Vachot. There aren’t any cows now. #armisticeday #veteransday

A postcard from my 2nd Great Uncle’s collection which he brought back from France. The color picture is the google street view of the same location. “MONTIGNY-le-ROI – Hotel de Ville et la Voie”. On the back of this postcard is written: “Our Hdqur were just opposite the school house and the old castle ruins and poppy and daisy field about which I wrote you back of Hdqur on the hill.” #overthere #armisticeday #worldwar1 (at Montigny-Le-Roi, Champagne-Ardenne, France)