Unshod, Thy Feet

This sonnet follows from this year’s Advent series, Where Are You? It is based on Exodus 3 where Moses comes to Mt Horeb and finds the Lord (or is found by the Lord).

I have always been curious about what it is about shoelessness in the presence of holiness. As a technological innovation, shoes don’t seem that big of deal. However, if you think of what your life would be like without shoes, you might consider them differently.

If it’s helpful, you may listen to me read the poem via the player below.

Bewildered in this barren world of dust,
Worn by the wild of my own way and will,
Weary of wandering through schemes of self-trust,
I come to Holiness where time stands still.
My spirit tingles, sounds, rings with the bells
Of the grazing sheep I’ve watched lazily;
Awakened by fire as curiosity wells
Up in flame which burns, nags, consumes me.

“Unshod, thy feet of self-sufficiency;
You stand on holy ground, before The Face
Of the One Who Is, Who Was, and Will Be,
Who is fire unfueled, Three in embrace.”

I cover my head and step with bare feet
Fitted, readied with the gospel of peace.

© Randall Edwards 2017