This is a poem which I’m reposting is for All Saints Day.

In it I am giving thanks for the poet-saints who have been my guides on my pilgrimage through this world. There are so many for whom I am grateful, but these especially have had an ongoing influence. Thank you Lord, for your people.

There are lines or allusions to each of the poets pictured. See if you can pick out where the references are. The poets are John Donne, George Herbert, Malcolm Guite,  John MiltonWilliam Shakespeare, C.S. Lewis, Dante Alighieri, and Edmund Spenser.


If it’s helpful, you may listen to me read the sonnet via the player below.

Midway through the journey of my life–
Lost, having wandered from the straight way–
In this world weary with sadness and strife,
You became my guide, mio maestro e autore.
Following your lead into verse, I stray
Browsing in rhythm midst meter and rhyme;
Imagination bodies forth bright as day,
And leads me up the encircling climb.
Dissevering, your backward mutters unwind,
Dispelling, each volta’s gospel paradox,
Singing, timelessness resounds into time,
Entering, as heaven in ordinary unlocks.
In your spell of song, this pilgrim finds habitation–
A concord midst the lyric lines, my reconciliation.

© Randy Edwards 2016

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